The total planned area is 3.5 square kilometers
Water and green areas account for 51 percent of the total planned area
The total investment in the core area is about 10 billion yuan
Production research center
Focus on the research on the Countermeasures for the construction of regional financial centers, organize and carry out industry research, industry research and policy comparison around the subdivided fields of science and innovation finance, green finance and digital transformation of financial institutions, regularly publish research reports and prepare planning reports, so as to provide strategic support for the sustainable and high-quality development of the town.
Think tank Report
Adhere to originality and create high-quality products, and form a research report system of four think tanks, namely "macro analysis", "policy interpretation", "industry observation" and "strategic research".
Frontier Research
Focus on the industry, highlight the attraction, and deeply analyze the latest changes, development direction, growth and all kinds of heavy information of the industry around the two main directions of financial technology and science and innovation finance.
Expert viewpoint
Ba Shusong, academic member of Xingtai think tank
Whether the listing reform of new economy enterprises made by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2018 or the establishment of the science and innovation board, their operations have their own characteristics.
Expert viewpoint
Fab Conglai, academic member of Xingtai think tank
In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's rapid economic growth mainly depends on the input of factors. Therefore, the expansion and rapid development of the total amount can be realized by imitation and scale.
Expert viewpoint
Zhang Jun, academic member of Xingtai think tank
In the next 30 years, the qualitative growth of China's economy will depend on the huge potential of domestic market scale. This is the source of China's future growth and the key to the transformation from imitation and follow-up to independent innovation.
2021 Fintech Elite Club, a global fintech competition in 2021

The event of 2021 Fintech Elite Club is hosted by Xingtai Financial Holdings (Group) Co Ltd and academically guided by the Institute for Fintech Research, Tsinghua University. 

Revolutionary Finance Itinerant and Fintech Exhibition

The Revolutionary Finance Itinerant and Fintech Exhibition is co-sponsored by the Museum of China Finance and Xingtai Financial Holdings (Group) Co Ltd, and the curatorial team consists of Wu Xiaoling and Wang Wei.

Binhu Sci-tech Innovation + Finance Partnering Conference

The "sci-tech innovation" and "finance" in "Sci-tech Innovation + Finance" stand respectively for the core business segments of Zhongguancun Co-Development & Investment Co Ltd (Z-LINK+) and Xingtai Financial Holdings (Group) Co Ltd. 

Special Exhibition of Anhui's Red Financial Heritage Items

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Hefei Binhu Financial Town opens a Special Exhibition of Anhui's Red Financial Heritage Items for people in excitement to trace history back to 100 years ago.